Gagandeep Kaur

Gagandeep Kaur

Gagandeep Kaur

Name: Gagandeep Kaur

The Enterprise:Ghar Ka Khaana Tiffin Service  is one of its kind.It’s a food /tiffin service for all who are staying away from their homes . we offer services in all sectors of chandigarh to working people , PGs, students etc. it provides homely food to all at affordable charges.

The Woman behind the Entrepreneur:

Hi My name is Gagandeep kaur, age 22 and done with grads in Non medical 2 yrs back. I started doing my first job since I was in 2nd year I am a confident girl with optimistic approach towards each aspect of life. I always wanted to own a business and it turned out to b a tiffin service. I am delivering all these tiffins by myself on my active. Also I am having my job running simultaneously for me. I just want to learn new things, applying new ideas and living my life on my terms and conditions.

When did you first start your business and how did the business idea come about?

I started this tiffin service with my mother after my fathers its more then 1 year. We have got marvellous response from city dwellers, and our business has grown tremendously. I am putting up in chandigarh for last 5 years. I have spent a good time as Pg here. Meanwhile I came through various tiffin services but was satisfied with none. So  when I brought my mother to chandigarh, she wanted to do something worthy here, her terrific cooking together with my business sense gave us a new dimension to reach and now because of our very good client satisfaction rate, we are growing with no stopping back.

How much capital did you start with?

We initial made very less investment, our capital in tiffin service was just comprising of 40-50 tiffin boxes and a new active for delivery. After that all Glossary and stuff was brought with the payements we received from aour initial clients.

Ghar Ka Khaana Tiffin Service

Ghar Ka Khaana Tiffin Service

What were the initial years like?

As evry new business requires a prper management and time, same did ours. Yes initial it was challenging and  appeared tough but I was a firm believer that everything is difficult before it is easy. So we are here now.



In how much time did the business turn into a profit making venture?

Due to my mothers magical cooking and my proper interaction with our tiffin takers on daily basis, we got a good response from people and now as we have started doing our online promotion are client list is improving on weekly basis. As far now, if we ignore some holiday season when we have less consumption of tiffins, our business is already a profit making for us since last 5-6 months.

What challenges do you continue to face and what is your strategy to tackle them?

We face problem with our man power, with our growing number of tiffins, we require more people to join hands with us. I am already in process of looking for those who can stive hard with us, and reap its fruit later.

What drives you?

My positive attitude towards life and never say No spirit keeps me working. Also I have many dreams in my eyes before I go to sleep daily, I guess they also keep me going throughout my day.

How many hours do you work per week?

For now , I am working 7am -10 pm. Which comes to be 15 hours daily. But my 6-7 hrs go in my office where I don’t have any manual work. But approximately I give around 70 hrs per week.

What tips would you like to give to budding entrepreneurs?

I don’t feel I have reached that point where I can give tips or advice to the people but yes Me and my business can be surely a source of inspiration and motivation. Yes one thing I can surely say is that nothing can stop you if u have faith in GOD and your own dreams.

Can a budding entrepreneur reach you for guidance?

Yes, surely  I can be reachable to anyone who needs my help. My contact Number Is 9646432390. also join me own my Facebook

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